Sunday, December 5, 2010

QUPKAKE is PIERCED !!!!!!!!!!

1. nameMy friends call me LB or QupKake.
2. age (if you want:) 31
3. location: Southern California
4. how many piercings do you have: Right now, I currently have five[that will most likely change]
5. are you gauging...if so what do you have gauged, what size are you at && whats your desired #GaugeGoals: I am currently only stretching my septum, it is at a two gauge now, my goal is double zero gauge because I would like to get a "Septril"[Look it up]. My ears are stretched to a little over an inch, left side nostril dermal punch to a two gauge, my labret is stretched to an half an inch.
6. if not., are you thinking about gauging: once I get my "Septril" pierced I plan to stretch it to at least a six gauge.
7. which piercing hurt the most: When I got my labret scalpelled to a half an inch hmmm ...I do know if it was so much as painful, but their was A LOT of blood.
8. which piercing is your favorite: I do not have a favorite, they are like children, you should not have a favorite :]
9. have you taken any piercings out..&& if so what did you have pierced: Yes, I have had everything on my face pierced at least once ...there are too that have been retired.
10. do people stare at youYes, that is an understatement ...I am very used to it and do not mind. I am very friendly and welcome questions :]
11. are you currently working..if so where: No, I am Very Fortunate, I do not have to work.
12. do you tape your piercings out for work: No I have a few photos, though.
13. do you have any other body modifications you would like to share (suspension etc)When I was 22 or 23 I did a suspension was A M A Z I N G perhaps one day I will try it again. Oh and I have a few Tattoos ;]
14. what advice do you have for people thinking about getting a piercing for the 1st time: Go for it, you only live once and if you no longer want it ...take it out.
15. contact info you would like to share: fb., twitter., email etc: Follow Me on Twitter:!/QupkakSweetooth