Monday, November 22, 2010

Will the Anti-brow piercing leave Bad Scaring ?

No. not at all.

the anti-brow piercing only will leave 2 minute holes with a little redness but nothing too harsh. After about a week (if you choose to take it out) the holes will almost be gone !!!!!!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010


so everyday people always ask, "-what is the best thing to use for piercing cleaning?"
&& ialways say "-SEA SALT"...wheather you make your own or you can purchage it for $10 at your local tattoo shop or you can order it online at 
WHY SHOULD I ?!?!?!?!
this shit is amazing lol. igot conned into buyin a bottle when I went to go get my piercings. Istarted using it when iwas having troubles with my cheek piercings. It cleaned it all up AUTOMATICALLY && the best thing about this product is that it is UNIVERSAL and you can use it anywhere....YESSSSS ANYWHERE lol. You can use it on tongue piercings., ear piercings., nose anywhere && yuu can also use it for if you have a sore throat etc.
If you plan on having more than 1 piercing I would DEF-DEF-DEFINITELY get this product !!!!

wtf is an INDUSTRIAL piercing ?

what is it: the Industrial piercing is one of the most popular piercings out right now. The Industrial aka the "Scaffold piercing" or "Construction Piercing" is where there are 2 holes pierced connected with a single straight barbel. NOW NOT ALL INDUSTRIALs HAVE TO BE LIKE THE NORMAL STANDARD DIAGONAL ones.
Pain: well with me being a piercer I try to get piercing so I can understand the position that my customers undergo so ilet someone talk me into gettin my INDUSTRIAL recently && this WAS THE WORST PIERCING I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE hurt (ME anyways) like HELLLLLLLLLL. I got mine diagnal and going through the top cartlidge is NOT FUKKIN the bottom piercing was a pierce of cake lol. but overall it was the worst one PAIN wise yet.
Average Cost: because the piercing is really 2 piercings the average cost is around $50-$75 depending on your location and where you go.
Cleaning: Cleaning is pretty can get sum #SeaSalt (HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and spray both holes of the product) or you can use an anti-bacterial soap and clean around the piercings 2 times a day and try and around touching it with dirty hands.

old video of me gauging

others say its not that bad.....didnt mean to discourage anybody--im jus a CRY BABII lol

TO GAUGE.....or NOT to GAUGE ?!?!??!

What is GAUGING ?!?!?!?
(Ear) gauging originated in Asia and was later practiced in Africa and South American tribes for centuries. Many people refer to the process using the term "gauging", although the technically correct term for the act is "stretching". but basically gauging is the stretching of a pierced hole. Now YES., ALL piercings have a gauge from what they normally pierce with (which is a 16g or 14g) and up...gauging stretches the ear (NO CUT OUT) slowly to accomodate larger desired jewelry.
How to GAUGE ?!?!?
the first thing to do if you want to gauge is to determine what size  you are currently. If your ears were pierced with a piercing gun (such as at Claire's or Piercing kiosk), they were pierced at 20g or 18g. 

Next you pick a size 1step up from what you are currently at.
Tapering Method.....
tapering is an ascending toothpick like utensil used in gauging. You can purchase tapers ALMOST ANYWHERE !!!! (hot topic.spencers.boutiques.bazaars.novelty marts,etc.) You will also need a nice lubricant for a successful gauge (you NEVER EVER wanna gauge DRY for you are risking to have a #Blowout or RIP yourr ear beyond repair !!!) Some types of oils are bomb are jojoba or emu oils or any type of water-based lubricant would also be fine. Avoid oil-based lubricants (Vaseline).
One of the best times to stretch is right after a hot shower, when your skin is most elastic and pliable <--(#CollegeWord) lol. 
Rub some of your lubricant into your ears (and i put some on the taper as well), and begin to push your taper (small end first!) through one ear...NOW HERE's WHERE YOU NEEDA PAY HELLA ATTENTION:

***WHEN GAUGING be VERY VERY CAREFUL....when pushing (yes it will be discomfort and you might feel a burning sensation...but keep pushing if is causing HIGH PAIN to the point of where you area crying.)***
......Now align your jewelry with the large end of the taper as if it were an extension of the taper itself. Finish pushing the taper through your ear along with the jewelry and that it bbbiiiooottcchh !!!!!
(Now tapers is the MOST COMMON type of gauging but there are other types which iwill cover later on) :)
AFTERCARE and Cleaning !!!!!
After stretching, there should be no bleeding. A slight soreness or tingling might be kool, but any bleeding or significant pain should be dealt with immediately by removing your earrings and downsizing to your previous size #ASAPINGTON. It can be helpful to use a saline (salt) solution on your ears. Combine sea salt (non-iodized) and warm water and soak your ears in the solution for a few minutes no more than once or twice a day.
Regular oil massages can be helpful to stimulate bloodflow in the earlobes and promote healing. Leave your ears the hell alone for the first few days after a stretch, and resume oil massaging after jewelry can be removed easily and doesn't feel overly tight. Don't perform any oil massages on broken skin/ripped/bleeding skin.

the blogger :)

ALOHA !!!!

my name is KRYSTAL and im 21 and im a new piercer at SCZAHNDS (scissor-hands) tattoo... yyyeeaaa babii lol...iwanted to create this blog for all the unique #NeedleLovers like myself who choose to express themselves through various types of BODY MODIFICATIONs...and to give tips., updates., and newest types of modifications that are out right now., so that if you DO DECIDE to be cool (lol) and start modifying you will know the proper steps and methods !!!!